Activation description

Pogritech’s innovative activation technology is based on the powder particle`s mechanical treatment.

Pogritech technology’s basic concern is creating crystallographic defects in the surface layer of crystal. These changes in the configuration of the lattice of the crystal is the cause for increased powder particle surface energy.


This process is extremely energy saving and enables high activation at low cost / low resource consumption.

Activation range depends on the defected layer’s area / thickness which can be manipulated by the treatment mode. Energy of the activation cannot be determined directly, but it can be evaluated during thermal processes, such as sintering or thermal spraying.

Activation energy could be released during the sintering and expressed as sintering temperature reduction up to 35%. Activation plus spherical shape of particles after the processing allows for the increased density (increasing up to 11% for some materials).

Our activation process goes hand in hand with the grinding; therefore the activated powder is with smaller particle size than initial (not activated) powder. We can’t activate the powder without changing its particle size and form, but we can adjust our activation process to have less or more impact on particle size.