Activation and grinding of your powders

We offer you to activate the powders with whom you are already working with. That is the best way how to quickly and significantly improve the quality of your products and make your production process more energy effective, without changing any equipment or ingredients. This allows you to continue to use same powder you already know, only with new, advanced characteristics that will make your product better and help you save the money in production process.

Our activation process goes hand in hand with the grinding; therefore the activated powder is with smaller particle size than initial (not activated) powder. In addition to that, the activated powder particles have spherical shape. We can’t activate the powder without changing its particle size and form, but we can adjust our activation process to have less or more impact on particle size.

We can activate following powders – nitrides, oxides, carbides, silicides, selenides, borosilicates, intermetalides, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, semiconductors (silicon, selenium, germanium, and their compounds with gallium, arsenic, tellurium).

We invite you to send us small test amount of your powder and we will activate if for free.

The requirements for the powders:

  • Smaller than 30 microns (maximum 50 microns);
  • Larger than 0.5 microns.

Please contact us to discuss the test activation of your powder in detail – click here